9 August, 2008

So I listened with interest in this new MMORPG, turnbased, since they were so different from the rest of the world. Unfortunately, even this time, my experience has been very disappointing. Sometimes I wonder if making games exclusively for people with connections, T1 LAN or 10 h free day?:|

The reason I say this is simple: even in this case, I have even before you play the game!!!

I downloaded the huge client (over 2 Gb). Even with a broadband connection, which is not a joke. Anyway, once I finish, I installed and started the game. Then came the patcher. Progress was insanely slow …. 0.1% …. 0,2% …. 0,3% … and so on!!!

What you download a client 2 Gb and isn't even in the most recent version? Quit after I had reached 1% to nearly 5 minutes … and then I played the latest shareware demo Spidweb, Avernum 5. Less than 10 minutes from download to start playing. Large producers MMORPG have to learn from indie developers!!!

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