'Dragon's Dogma': So Intimidating Was The Cyclops

Long ago fell to the golem, now it is the turn to the Cyclops, another mythological beings par excellence. Something that will not miss the promising 'Dragon's Dogma' of Capcom, that in this new IP of the company of Osaka will face against chimeras, Griffins, hydras, and dragons, of course. In addition to each of these giant beasts will have a pattern of different attack that will be a real challenge for us. It will not be a ride since then.

Those who seek new sensations within the genre of action RPG Games will find in 'Dragon's Dogma' a title to take into account that only can put you a "but" entry: that has no multiplayer. Because although we will not be alone in this adventure, our allies will be handled by the machine and we can only give them very basic commands. With the fun would be sharing the adventure with three colleagues... do maybe for a future second delivery?

Removing that detail, it is certain that after testing a few months ago this Dragon's Dogma we loved, being of the titles more pointers that we are going to receive in 2012. We do not yet have specific date for Europe, but his debut in our territory will occur early next year. Meanwhile, we leave you with the Cyclops, which you have to say a few things...

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