Star Wars: The Old Republic

Perhaps the most anticipated game of the Star Wars saga is already about to candy: 'Star Wars: The Old Republic' will be released in December of more than 3 years after having been submitted and all the betting on the 'World of Warcraft' model: game massively role-playing and online, but with the flavor of the Galactic saga of George Lucas behind.

Do not lack ambition to their creators, with EA to lead a project that Bioware and LucasArts have worked side by side. We are talking about the holy man of the Triples online, a game whose budget has exceeded $ 125 million and that will need to convince the users in a complicated area. Let us see what offer to do so.

'The Old Republic': Impression

The first incentive is clear, the universe in which it is set. Say 'Star Wars' remains today guarantee of success, despite the fact that the cow that Lucas is milking more than 30 years now is little milk.

The good news here is that this time we not go back to the episodes of the series: 'The Old Republic' will be placed more than 3,500 years before the birth of Luke Skywalker and only 300 years after the events of ' Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic', which not only in setting but also possibilities will be the game in which 'The Old Republic' look.

And thus laying the foundations for this new chapter: Siths and Jedi are a few years of truce after the great war, in which 28 years both factions clashed causing the disappearance of numerous star systems and ending with the withdrawal of all the Jedi. Star Wars, in which none of the contestants wants a great conflict, but cannot leave face is the "cold war" of the universe.

What will happen in the game is a mystery, though Bioware has been advised that it wants an MMORPG to give special attention to the script.

The new Star Wars MMORPG gameplay

To start playing to 'Star Wars: The Old Republic', will have to decide what side we want to belong, if the Siths or the Jedi, which will determine our plot lines. However, as it is the case in other Bioware games, inside it we will have to face other decisions to the morality of the character, so that not everything is black or white, but it also has space for a wide range of ambiguity.

Clashes between ships whose idea you can see in the next trailer will be space for fighting body to body, or with close range weapons, but also for the concept of "space war", in the game:

As you can see, is a concept similar to 'Afterburner': will control the movement left and right and up/down as well as weapons, but not the speed of the ship or other external factors.

Another interesting point of the game will be companions, NPCs that will help us to gain resources while we focus on the main or secondary missions which we want to cover:

Classes in ‘The Old Republic’

Like all role-playing game self-respecting (except 'Skyrim', which has opted to dispense with them), in 'The Old Republic' will have special importance our character classes. Each side has four of them.

Classes of the Republic:

* Soldier
* Smuggler
* Jedi Knight
* Jedi Consular

Classes of the Empire:

* Bounty Hunter
* Imperial agent
* Warrior Sith
* Inquisitor Sith.

Each of these classes will have a different storyline, and also included two specializations, so that in total we will have 16 types of different characters in this first wave of the game. In addition, class we choose will be which define what ships can fly in the first place.

Date of launch, price and trailer

Star Wars: The Old Republic' will go on sale December 20 in the US. Each copy of the game will include subscription for 30 days to the MMORPG and then may opt for three different tariffs:

* Subscription 1 month: 12, 99 EURO
* 3 months: 35, 97 EURO
* 6 months: 65, 94 EURO approximately

Over the years, since 2008 announced the game, several have been trailers that Bioware and LucasArts have taught us: one of the most spectacular was the last E3.

Three will be issues that will be launched ' Star Wars: The Old Republic', all these juicy for a game that promises to be at the height of what has been occurring.

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