The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim', All You Need To Know About The New Elder Scrolls

Bethesda recovers this year one of the sagas more long-lived of RPGs, Elder Scrolls, with the launch of 'Skyrim'. The new stop in Tamriel promises a world as big as the previous ones, which again will want to give us maximum freedom as players and pretend to take up the role of the year title.

Bethesda are specialists in the genre and also other less pleasant things, such as those annoying and sometimes never resolved bugs that populate their games. For the moment, we see all you need to know about 'Skyrim' and touch when playing it, and remove the positive and the negative of the new Elder Scrolls. For the moment, obviously, what we have seen looks spectacular.

'Skyrim', the plot

200 years after the events of 'Oblivion' Skyrim takes us back to the same world, but this time to the province that it gives its name to the game. There, the Alduin Dragon God threatens to put an end to the world of Tamriel, the scene of these Elder Scrolls.

In the midst of this, with an almost defunct Empire, a civil war breaks out in the northern area of Tamriel, the own Skyrim. And there will be us, once more starting the game as prisoners, but ready to change their destiny.

'The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim', it is not necessary to change

In Skyrim, Bethesda thought to improve what has been achieved in Oblivion, which in turn wanted to give greater packaging spectacular leap in the series as Morrowind. Again we find a vast and open to our preferences in playing world. There will be a series of missions which will be the central focus of the narrative of the game, but in the secondary is where will give way to our characters, and will also be our way of playing and living which guidance its role.

In fact, the main change will be the disappearance of the traditional class system: this time, your way to deal with 'Skyrim' will determine what your character immediately. Thus, does not choose to become a Warrior: we're and act as one of them would do it or we will become another thing.

In addition, Bethesda has promised many NPCs, all kinds of missions, more than 150 dungeons and large capacity so that our decisions in the game affect in real world. Do not change, Bethesda has even decided to amend the person who was already responsible for guiding the development teams 'Morrowind', 'Oblivion' and the large 'Fallout 3', Todd Howard, who this time had their dependants to a team of more than 100 people, the record for the company. Jeremy Soule also repeated as the epic soundtrack composer.

'Skyrim', the premiere of a new engine

Skyrim is preceded by the announcement of Bethesda released Creation Engine, a new engine that will allow, among other things, that dragons can join the game, which is necessary because, as we have seen, a God will make Act of presence in the land that shaped and how he takes a nail? In fact, a part of the development team has been dedicated to them, the Dragons, and to balance their actions and their importance in the world more Nordic that we want to present 'Skyrim'.

Furthermore, everything related to the third person view and the design of landscapes and environments has improved, since the challenge was to make a game that aesthetically break with the previous Elder Scrolls, and also carry the capabilities of the current generation to the limit. Supposedly, the snow should surprise us: to be ubiquitous and important in the plot development of 'Skyrim', the team has sought the way to make it more real.

Skyrim, date of release, versions and trailer

The output of Skyrim is scheduled for next November 11, PC, PS3 and XBox 360. In addition to its normal Edition, there will be a Special Edition with a sculpture of Alduin, the Dragon God, an official art book, a making - of DVD format and then a map of the province of Skyrim. For more details, Jarkendia told us all about the collector's Edition.

And what about the trailer? If this does not put you the long teeth, it is that your Kingdom is not of this world:

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