EQ2: an angry rants ieroexetastis

Okay, now I see why this game is collapsing. Read the following shared history:

An afternoon playing EQ2:

"Your link and, of course, nobody is looking for a group, as always, despite the fact that a physician. Fine, I'm going to be simple to complete some loping adventures, since they are really a good impetus to XP. Traveling there ... travel … run by the horse, 24% run speed bonuses! …Still quite slow … running … I'm almost there! AH, but you must climb that wall in butcherblock mountains loooooooong, great, now take another 5 min gone … running … zoning … running … the griffon … now running again, in order to avoid the monsters can reach the zone – but wait, someone asks for a physician to the Castle Karnor! It would be great XP and loot, and ask you to join. Accept! but … Now we must travel back!? _; well ok, I can do this, call the Overlord to teleport back to Freeport, then take the ship Kylong Plains and brings me there, great, only another 15 min waste, not bad.

Your zone and an idiot to me die puller twice in a row. Can't, really. Keeps pulling 2 monsters simultaneously and cannot heal the fairly rapidly since they hit on 2 k at once …! I get that decide to quit, but convincing them to wait, you want to make a presence in plain Loping. Large! only when I was only 15 minutes ago …!:(

The priest Druid creates the gateway and your click to enter but … great, I did not harvest special bush in order to be able to travel there!! This is where I decide to say good-bye and registration. Download Istaria that is really free online games rpg, are going to try because I am really fed up with the EQ2 and unreasonable wasting times. Sony should realise that everyone does not have the time and patience to waste 15-20 minutes when YOU want to group or do anything!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

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