Best RPG PC game or expansion 2010

OK guys, you had a month to vote, because what you felt the best PC RPG game or expansion 2010 was and 504 votes now later, it all is closed. It was super close between Dragon age: origins - awakening and mass effect 2 but had to be one of the winners.
Here are your top 5.
5 - Divinity II: Ego Draconis

RPGs on the line of these two renowned, divinity II: Ego Draconis has many of the most famous elements, that these two original games classics made adapted. Divinity II: Ego Draconis uses the same classless system, in divine divinity, that allows you to choose your own path as soon as you a dragon Knight was incorporated.
4 - Fallout: New Vegas

Bethesda only RPG release for 2010 made it's way into the top 5 games. I was surprised that there are indeed higher rank. I think many players feel that they landed only with an expansion for Fallout 3 that appear visually like this. However team gameplay and story way it was classic fallout due to the development of entertainment is for the most part of Obsidian. Definitely value check.

3 - World of Warcraft: cataclysm

It is not surprising that it is the third expansion of world of Warcraft found way into the top 3. The sheer number of WoW players was sure, give it is a nice boost place. This extension, like everyone else, threw the game in the head with a few new features such as goblins and Worgens, new RAID options and fully changed maps.
2 - Mass effect 2

Mass effect 2 a close second scraped. BioWare has to a great job proposals from the first mass effect and troubleshoot pesky things such as the inventory system to respond to community. Adding however, that really annoying mining test system, a way to gaming chew that time you had really bad dudes blowing up wanted to spend. I am a great looking game, to take me to the Repears in part 3.

1 Dragon age: origins awakening

As it is, number one... and it is an extension. It is not surprising that the extension of the highest rated game 2009 2010 would take place as the best PC RPG. Create the exciting story of Dragon age: origins awakening throw sign right back into the fray. Apparently the Darkspawn are not dead, so that you search again, to defeat them again. A must play, but be sure to play Dragon age: origins first.

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