New mystery gifts in Farmville

Farmville has become (with MafiaWars) one of the most popular Facebook apps. Facebook game apps from minute to minute grow, and with Farmville in FB aim is to grow and harvest at a successful farm.

Sprouting fruits, trees and God knows what else faster, better and higher than the next guy.

Now in addition to improving your skills and ranking at Farmville, it admits a mystery gift component this game. You can make friends gifts gift or choose the gifts to buy for themselves.

Who would have thought that was growing so popular increase of cute little animals on your very own farm in Facebook, delicious fruits and vegetables?

Now, his were extremely popular in the 20 and 30's of millions of players, and while some are concerned, that was a little too much like MySpace Facebook always where spam and junk-e took, it seems that the user where the gaming interface is are satisfied. Mafia wars has expanded recently to cover the number one region (in the game) and there are players love.

But like all online game, hacks and cheats are prominent. And players for Farmville and mafia wars are search at some stage after exploits and tricks to gain advantages in the game for you. But there are a lot of information about Farmville secrets, video tutorials and online guides that help to improve your placement in the hot new FB game.

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