World of Lordcraft

New online MMO titles are almost a week with two new additions jump; World of Lordcraft and EmpireCraft in the fray as a free Web-strategy games to come.

For the world of the Lordcraft a closely related version of the existing Blizzard title world of Warcraft.

While released by Blizzard, it will be interesting to see whether a complaint is filed, so is in the light of this game is very, very similar to the existing software of oriented MMORPGs.

Regardless, serious browser gaming fans of the graphics, game play and options in Lordcraft will be impressed. For more races, classes, and most of all battle grounds and battle modes - be love big strategy fans.

Given the constraints on 2D Java gaming, this is a pretty good effort and is becoming a strong fan base in the coming months. It must work hard, given Evony continue to the lead, Grepolis game by Innogames continues to grow as others as quest worlds of experience.

An another newcomer on the gaming scene is EmpireCraft, probably to the more recent schlichteres oriented gamers, this interface, graphics and gameplay are very simple and will not appeal to MMO professional players provided to one long, addictive.

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