Video game violence...What do you think about it?

Since the developers of video games that put red pixels on their imaginary figures, who had died recently, were people crusade against their subversive possibilities. Outrage in the video games seems cyclical, discolouration very shortly before the explosion in the public once more with renewed frenzy. It seems that the controversy sparked in recent times, with many crimes again criticized the corrupting influence of video games. There are also various "controversies" surrounding the last video games and their content in the areas of violence and sexuality.

The first game to receive critical attention and widespread media art was martial game "Mortal Kombat" combat. Large accelerations of blood due to the attacks included this game and also "dead" which could be performed on the opponent stunned after their defeat. These deaths were terrible shows animated sequences, the winning player's kill their opponents in a variety of ways. The players are that Délectait caused told mass hype, the player of less in this new experience and the controversy surrounding the violence informed that the game was. Therefore the players play only to know the game, what that all speech on rising sales was so strong.

Sparks more great controversy was the latest "hot coffee" modification "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (GTA: SA)". This involved unlock a minigame sexually oriented, even if of course removed from the source had been from the part before the publication. The creator of the game, Rockstar entertainment, recognized clearly that this particular part of the game for the video game deleted and was public access. Discovered an enterprising fan of the game and the original code in addition to access to the content type once changed. The goods collected against Rockstar for this content, in particular in their match during the period of validity of the charge in question must be asked. If the game is all simply bought and played as it should by developers, would this mini game certainly tasteless and inappropriate never meet. It is not until the change of the user can downloaded and installed that the player to the content access.

Regardless of who is to blame, "GTA: SA" re-rated in America and for sale in Australia banned was. Enough oddly free and encouraged violence in the game is largely unnoticed in the course of the "scandalous" sexual scenes with clothed, Cartoonesque pass people.

When examined lens almost all games contains a certain amount of violent content. Bright and colorful, child-friendly "Mario" games of Nintendo offer character trampling on the animation creature heads. In fact, most of the games, even children's games, the protagonist of crusade against a horde of enemy include everyone, and in the General "elimination" of them in any way, if by the beat with a weapon or body (feet, the tail of Mainspossiblement according to the type of the character). The only real stand out from the difference is that, in a children's game "bad" characters typically bounce back pretty way and explode with a humorous puff be (or simply disappear) while in a game-oriented readers old tires, the characters are more likely, (something) sprayed a fountain of realistic red on their disappearance.

If a person somewhere today, a violent crime committed young, it have to a video game seems, "Duke Nukem" and "Quake high massacre," for the Columbine a recent incident with a group be attributed by miners their violence video game "Mortal Kombat" calculated. Without solid evidence that this is, it's hard to say if yes or no video game violence has done much influence on the players. To be really sure, the separated children have never seen a violent movie or played a video game blood-thirsty you probably have a control group. But history shows that long before video games or even movies into force crimes were committed.

Children are easily influenced by something they are excited, and I've seen this much happen. Playing a video game of catch with a group of eight led you often to eight years in the howling Tower and try to identify the other field. Tweens will often punch of their mode of a cinema start in terrible fight positions and after he a martial arts film. The current content rating system is based not on the limitation of the consumer; Is it largely aimed at simply in informing the public about what they are going to learn. Legal restrictions are higher, more serious, not actually implemented in the x-rated movies as up ratings. Parents, guardians and society must, in General, take interest displayed some types of content. Instead you complain about the entertainment, receive a child, the parent can first be y the rating which is printed all shows clearly on the packaging. A simple "I don't think that it is appropriate, that is the case with this game?" "He has a lizard!"Converts the child a number of surprising time. In my experience, children only, are that interested people, what interests them, not only without distinction, yes love, rumor "is beautiful." as a child the recent violent game installed.

Children playing in the categories of restricted ratings? The only way you can even play in their possession shall receive is when a parent (or a person of full age) buys the game for the child, or if the store is not in account guidelines review in the village and sells them independently of each other. In both cases, the fact is the content of the game in the hands of a minor not the fault of the game developer.

I'm not here to the integrity of artistic vision presented in the video games, how many other players are to defend. It honestly seems to me little artistic integrity by the blood of more and more fluid in appearance. I increased but like to play some pretty fierce in nature and in many cases is the violent nature of the game my pleasure. Video games are escapism, (probably) there is no point, as you can a video game that simulates something you simply walk and do (and even games sport in any way sell in large numbers... curious...). Interestingly, I felt never break the irresistible desire of me in a murder of position and Kung Fu. Perhaps more importantly, that simply prohibit questionable content in video-play would investigate why this content is, therefore, appeal to today's society?

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