What is the PlayStation 2 and 3?

A Guide to what is available from SCEA PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and PSP system

PlayStation systems. Number three in a series of products for PlayStation new parallelism has multiplayer action on high-speed access PlayStation 3 ($ 599.99) allows. It is built Blu - ray promises disc drive high-definition gaming, tons of storage media, streaming videos, music and online service, so little to be desired.

It is the predecessor, sold two number system for only $19.99 and networks, as well as (only just not as fast as the third largest of the system). With more than 1,400 games of choice, it is difficult to argue against this boon.

PSP is still hot ($ 169.99) and includes 3D games on the big screen with stereo music high fidelity, full motion video, communication and wireless Internet access.

Accessories for PlayStation 2. If you are still "old school" your PlayStation, then you will enjoy dual shock 2 analog controller for the PlayStation ($24.99), NERVUS controller wireless ($29.99), or it is the memory card 8 MB ($24.99). But listens to the music not is. He played with SingStar Pop games and accessories Pack ($49.99) or Guitar Hero II ($79.99).

PlayStation 3 accessories. What is required? System PlayStation 3 two different types of sport controllers: a standard ChillStream ($39.99) controller and controller SIXAXIS Wireless ($49.99). Combined with the Blu - ray ($24.99) remote, you can have a complete dominance on your system in no time.

Accessories PSP. Never interrupt your game again with a 2 GB Memory Stick Pro Duo ($69.99) or 4 GB Memory Stick Pro Duo ($ 109.99). Enter your Pocket PC in a Platinum Pack ($19.99) or a traveler case ($19.99). And forget not report all for your support ($14.99). Manager of media PSP ($24.99) keep also organized.

PlayStation games. The search for games? We separate this part of our guide in two sections: one for children and an adult. Be careful, if you buy PlayStation games for players 18 years old.

PlayStation 2 games


MLB 07: The show $59.99

ATV 4: Off road fury $39.99

Meet the Robinsons $29.99

Dance Dance Revolution: Supernova $39.99

Durnout: Dominator $39.99

Blanzy NBS Street $59.99


Shadow of the Colossus $19.99

God of war $19.99

Gran Turismo 4 $19.99

Socum U.S. Navy Seals combined assault $39.99

Rogue Galaxy $39.99

God of War II $49.99

Destroy all humans! 2 $39.99

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City stories $19.99

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas $19.99

Medal of Honor: Vanguard $39.99

Dawn of Mana $39.99

Elder Scrolls IV oblivion $59.99

Resistance: fall of man $59.99

MotorStorm $59.99

PlayStation 3 games


MLB 07: The show $59.99

Blanzy NBS Street $59.99


Elder Scrolls IV oblivion $59.99

Resistance: fall of man $59.99

MotorStorm $59.99

Note: Elder Scrolls IV oblivion is works with all PlayStation and is a game

To come:


Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2

Games PSP


Collection ultimate $39.99

Street Horizon $39.99

MLB 07: The show $39.99

Ratchet & Clank: Size matters $39.99

Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition 19.99

Full Auto 2: Battlelines: $39.99

Note: Street Horizon brings the two strategy game in real time and rotate.


300: March to glory: $29.99

Socum U.S. Navy Seals combined assault $39.99

After burner Black Falcon $39.99

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai an other Shin Road $39.99

The Warriors $19.99

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City stories $29.99

Prince of Persia: Rival swords $39.99

Rocky Balboa $39.99

To come:

Dungeons & Dragons: Tactics

Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2

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