World of Warcraft, it could be killed our teenagers

The parents of the teenage son of suicide a little more than a year ago committed claim that her son be addicted after the role play massively multiplayer online, world of Warcraft. You think that because of this dependency, he took his own life. Now these parents of world of WarCraft Blizzard Entertainment developers still, game developers blame for the tragic loss of her son.

The details of how many hours playing this Teen world of Warcraft still was not published before his death. What is a dependency is difficult to quantify. The generally accepted medical definition of a dependency is; beyond voluntary control a physiological and psychological ordinary dependency of a substance or a practice. Therefore take we use this definition as a guide, that there where he sat, the online game had no control over the frequency.

Just a dependency on the community affect many people, smoking. No one would argue that the Act of smoking itself can lead to someone's death. It is rather the chemicals associated with various diseases while smoking, inhaled a possible premature death. By the same logic, we could say that large amounts of your day to world of Warcraft play issues you could kill. The real problem in this case more so something else.

As we investigate suicide should really someone lives their own causes. While much more research on the subject are required, is some types of psychiatric disorders, depression, is most commonly used as the main cause of suicide. If correct more mental diagnosis of health problems can be treated and controlled. The difficulty is for people to recognize that they have a problem and go and seek treatment. Unfortunate stigma still associated with mental health problems led many of the untreated for what could be a highly treatable disease.

If you look at the case, we see that an adolescent game Warcraft could world a potential character in any case also, that something is wrong. That have people, difficulties dealing with the reality or two possible signs of mental illness are interacting with people. If all parents should be aware, and if their children are using computer games as a way to remove friends and family, they see a doctor by profession, he could simply to save the life of her child.

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