Fallen Earth

After such a MMO fantasy or spatial in nature, the turn to the future apocalyptic "Mad Max". Fallen Earth takes us to the year 2156, in a world quite different from the actual, full of zombies, mutants and other paraphernalia things that certainly will not welcome you with open arms. O yes ...

In 2055, in Asia began to spread a lethal virus that christened Shiva deformations due to muscle spasms that occurred, causing the patient to move like dancers imitate that Indian goddess. If we add a minor nuclear war due to international tension, and the number of people who survived the virus but remained in a primitive state, scraping by in abandoned places, we have a scenario likely to slaughter. At last, after all, is what we are entering the game. Mutations caused by the virus, or deliberate radiation are common, and even we have them.

The first is to comment on this article is simply a short summary of the initial impression of the game. I could not test it in depth in the beta and have been released on September 22, I have access to it because it has failed to convince me to buy it at the moment.

The character generation system is quite accomplished, but fails to free titles such as Aion, unable to modify, for example up to our avatar. We can choose which faction they belong with the later missions. Six factions that will determine what kind of character you want, from the wild and mutated CHOTA to the environmentalists views, through the Techs (engineers, etc.), Enforcers (police), Lightbearers (defenders of justice, moderation, healing ...), or Travelers (shop mafia).

Then we go to refine the values that define the character, and as always we base our statistics, which will limit the value of active abilities, and skills to create objects and so on. In this regard, Fallen Earth is quite comprehensive and allows a freedom quite large. However, it also makes it easier to realize that we did wrong point placement when we reach higher levels.

As for object creation, we will have three known criteria: the ability sufficiently advanced for what we want, have the proper knowledge and related materials. The time depends on the complexity of the object may be several minutes or several weeks. The construction is automatic and can do other things while, but we want our character to finish before adequate facilities can use what we want (like a forge). In addition, you get experience points upon completion of the process.

Regarding the fight, have ranged weapons and melee combat. The system is a hybrid of FPS and typical calculations of the role is, we have to aim our weapons to the enemy (the typical spider appears we simulate the peephole) and then depending on the skills we use, the gun, and so on. calculated if the shot hits and damage it. So we have a combination that allows the player's ability to unite with the progress of the character. The battles are fast, maybe a little chaotic when two characters face with ranged weapons, but gives a little more emotion. On the other hand, the death penalty is a loss of features or experience points. No loss of objects or the possibility of stealing a dead player.

As for how to play, as there are currently only servers in the U.S., although it is possible to play the game buying (50 dollars) and downloading it to your hard drive (Steam or Direct 2 Drive). The monthly cost is $ 15, and playing on computer servers in Europe Americans suffer slightly higher latencies by crossing the pond.

Really, Fallen Earth is not impressed me at the moment. If it is true that meets certain elements that make it attractive, but would require a short period of testing before going to buy the game and subscribe to the service. Hopefully this will happen soon and can make a complete analysis of the game, and recommend (or not). For now, if you really like the Mad Max universe, the zombies and the oppressive atmosphere of Fallout can be a good title in your collection.

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Fallen Earth

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