'Deus Ex: Human Revolution' - New 12-Minute Video Mixes Action Infiltration

We've been waiting much 'Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and all because of several delays. But guess what? We are in July, and this work will appear in Eidos our territory by Square Enix on next August 26, 2011. Do not miss much, as you see.

To liven up the wait we have a new video with gameplay, this time a twelve-minute take us through the Tai Yon medical laboratory, located in Shanghai. Start the mission need an access card to get a guard who, as a curiosity, a cold, and we'll see how to sneeze, but as we shall see will not be so necessary that card, because in every mission we always tend to choose various paths.

The chosen one this time, after leaving the guard unconscious, is to access the top via a vending machine. But our hero cannot move, so you'll have a better power implanted in their arms. In one scene we can see what parts we can improve, with the following: head, torso, arms, eyes, back, skin, and legs. Each will have a maximum of slots, and all uses of these abilities will consume our bar dedicated to them (upper left, green), although it will fill in after a period of rest, like our life if we are hurt.

Other details discussed in this new video 'Deus Ex: Human Revolution' are the camouflage effect, very useful to go undetected by security lasers, as some weapons at our disposal, the grenade is very useful EMP against security robots.

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