'DC Universe Online' Will Be Free-to-Play In October

The idea of creating a title of massive online role-playing game set in the universe of DC was very good superheroes, and have Sony working on it should be quality assurance, but in practice 'DC Universe Online' turned out to be a title with quite a few shortcomings. It was necessary to pay a monthly fee to enjoy it did not help to promote its success.

Why its creators have decided that from next October, ten months after its release,'DC Universe Online' will become a title free-to-play without any charges additional to enjoy it. This opening of doors will be valid both for the PlayStation 3 version and the PC.

Thereafter there will be three levels of users: those who pay nothing will be free, where you can enjoy the basic characteristics of the game; those who have paid more than $5 will have access to the Premium level, with extra possibilities as more space for characters, inventory or powers; Finally those users paying $14.99 a month will be Legendary level with unlimited access to all the DLC to leave until 15 character slots and other inducements.

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