Dragon Quest X Has Spent Six Years in Development: Release Soon.

Although we see for the first time in motion a couple of days, Square Enix has long been working on 'Dragon Quest X', specifically six years. It has been revealed by Takehko Hoashi, a former member of the company has been involved in many projects until his departure from it, the last 2010.

That means the company has been preparing for this title since 2005, and if its promise of releasing the next 2012, will have cost them seven years of work. Thus, the development would have agreed in parallel with the 'Dragon Quest IX' but this title was commissioned in due course to Level-5.

In addition to Wii, which we already knew for some time 'Dragon Quest X also being developed for Wii U, and will be a massively multiplayer online role-playing game whose success is virtually assured Nippon lands. Let us hope that many years of effort will result in a title worthy of the occasion.

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