Monster Hunter 4 for Nintendo 3DS - Trailer Presentation [TGS 2011]

The cracking has meant the announcement of 'Monster Hunter G' for Nintendo 3DS has been completed with a nail the size of Everest. Monster Hunter 4 will cook just for portable Nintendo. We know how the Japanese spend franchise CAPCOM, So that both titles should boost sales of the console to put in place that its creators had dreamed of for her.

The Monster Hunter tends to look especially well in handheld consoles. Titles are amazed by its graphic quality, so it's time to see how in all its glory 3DS shows its power. No longer funny CAPCOM circumvention of the new generation with this, one of its star franchises, referring to the expensive triple developments for PS3 and 360 (Yes that exists in Japan a port of the latter, but let's say, is another matter). You know, better to be head of a mouse than the tail of Leo.

The video you can see below shows the typical scene of the hunter hunted. A tiny being fearsome beasts fleeing against which little can be done (at least before 50 or 60 hours of play). The case is also serving a declaration of intent, as it shows an unprecedented approach platformer. Check yourselves.

Obviously Monster Hunter 4 follow soon. It shows strength of the Big N comes to question the shaky supports that so far have demonstrated the Third Parties to his console. Who knows, maybe is the launch title with the 3DS model comes standard with the second stick, because, given the questionable add-on battery to be removed from the manga (questionable because a lack of evidence that we had reported the console a lot) Does anyone doubt now that a model with two integrated sticks closer than far away?

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  1. I am amazed at all the good reviews this game gets. I played the demo and I thought it was one of the worst games I've played. I love hack and slash and fight gigantic monsters and RPGs, but this game was not fun at all for me.
    ds r4



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