New Suikoden Announced But for PSP [TGS 2011]

I've been long waiting for a new 'Suikoden' now I do not know exactly how much has been. I know that much. Why the news that a new one on the way has caught me by surprise and I was pleased the day, but on the other hand I was shocked to learn the platform chosen for the occasion. With PS Vita ever closer, it seems a wrong movement develop a so powerful RPG on this saga of Konami for a console that has expiration date.

Not just me. I'll be the first to buy this 'Suikoden' when you exit on PSP (by the way, his name is 'Genso Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki', there is nothing!), but knowing that well could have been announced to PS Vita, with everything that that entails, hate me this decision by the Japanese Studio. But at least we will get a new 'Suikoden', which is not little. It must always be gratifying.

The information on him at the moment is zero. Do not know anything about their characters (do repeated old acquaintances at other times?), nor on their argument or style of play, except the only video in plan animation, shown at the moment in the Tokyo Game Show 2011. In addition, at the end, reads perfectly the message "coming soon", with which perhaps not we have to wait so long to see it published on PSP. Although the first lucky in being able to enjoy what will be the Japanese. Then we included server.

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