"Ni no Kuni" In a Simple Video Shows - How Much We Can Offer Even This Generation

Perhaps the largest combination could offer the games industry is to see the animation studio Ghibli and developer Level-5 working side by side. "Ni no Kuni' has been the result of this collaboration, and today, all you can say about this unique PS3 is low and insufficient.

If live a cartoon it's an experience we wanted to enjoy some time in our lives as players and fans of animation, it accompanied the magic makers drip tape and brings Grave of the Fireflies or Spirited Away is something that is on another level. You sometimes think that never reach but eventually the technology provided by this generation has made it possible.

Beauty in its purest form, that is offered by this new trailer of "Ni no Kuni '. A title that, unfortunately and as happened with its predecessor, you may never get to see in the shops in the West. It is an error, and as a lesson to those distributors that they are referred to, this game is left without leaving Japan. I think anyone who sees the video below would dare pass up the chance to buy if they had choice.

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