'Dungeon Defenders' Brings Interesting Gifts For Lovers Who Book On Steam Valve

We know that Valve likes to pamper its customers and provide little pearls that encourage consumption, so that even include games that have not been developed for them. Such is the case Dungeon Defenders , a title created by Trendy Entertainment for the digital marketplace that will delight lovers of tower defense in the coming weeks.

Those who reserve and Steam version this game will receive as bonus the legendary succulent Portal Gun, which may be used by Hunter class, and four assistants directly extracted characters 'Team Fortress 2': Heavy, Engineer, the Medic and Pyro. You can look at this content in the game trailer below:

Following the publication of mobile devices late last year with the tagline 'First Wave', on October 19 come to PC and Xbox Live Arcade the interesting 'Dungeon Defenders'. The PlayStation Network version, which will play between PlayStation 3 and PS Vita, will wait until later this year.

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