'Final Fantasy XIII-2': Huge Trailer for Seven Minutes And Many Images

Okay, I know that you are not especially excited with ' Final Fantasy XIII-2', I do not, but even if only because of the importance that this franchise have for the history of video games, are obliged to give him some attention. And more when we get a shipment of materials as wide as that today we have carried out by Square Enix.

We started with a new trailer for seven minutes in length, so long that if it is neglected guts us the full game. We have time to look at sequences kinematic, much combat and exploration carried out by the new protagonists of this direct sequel. Since then, it has all the earmarks that is not going to convince those who not enjoyed with the first delivery.

After much movement we go with something quieter, because from Famitsu comes a good batch of new images, many of them drawn from scenes from the trailer. Remember that 'Final Fantasy XIII-2' will be released at the end of the year in Japan, and the stores of other continents like Europe and America, it will reach around February.

Photo Gallery

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