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One of the biggest announcements at GenCon Indy 2009 was the next book of the campaign for the wizard of the coast of Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition. Made the official announcement that the world of Athas dark Sun will be the next book of the campaign for the game, and that this will be released in 2010. The decision was made to the delight of fans a lot, which is considered one of the coast more fan friendly decisions to date.

Dark Sun campaign moves away from the more traditional fantasy settings such as forgotten realms, Greyhawk, Dragonlance. Instead of traditional fantasy world, you have a bleak desert wastelands. The world of Athas is a world that is largely considered to be more post-apocalyptic by imagination.

One of the biggest differences in dark sunglasses over the other settings are magic, or lack there-of. Athas is a world that is trying to State from a magical reactions. As such, magic is much less common in this world where psionics is more common. Just like magic has become part of everyday life in most other fantasy settings, so much has happened psionics part of everyday life in Athas.

Although the dark Sun campaign setting has many traditional breeds which will appear in a fantasy setting, featuring many unique games as well. The setting has been the traditional human, Elf, dwarf, half-Elf, Halfling makeup that we see in other D & D games. But half-giants, Muls (half human half dwarf) and Thri-Kreen (212 adding a group of men).

There is some variation between the classes dark Sun and branches from the traditional fantasy settings. Firstly, there is really no equivalent for Paladins, monks and Sorcerers in the dark Sun world. As mentioned above, psionics is much more common so that traditional "magic classes ' is either not present or changed drastically in this setting.

There are many books dark Sun in print that can give players or master dungeon ' heads up ' in the world before exiting. Pentad Prism series by Troy Denning is very good five book series, the world's dark Sun. Also, the breed of a series by Simon Hawke is a series of three books with great background in the world as well.

There are also other online resources available to those interested in studying the world dark Sun before exiting. There is an unofficial dark Sun Wiki, the official dark Sun discussion forum and an interactive Atlas Sun for the dark world of Athas, and official D & D 3.5 5e released dark Sun. All these provide great information for those who are interested in and cannot wait until the campaign Wizard that comes out.

I, and many other fans, I'm ekstatikis about the selection of dark Sun as the next setting for Dungeon & Dragons 4e. It is an option that gives a pleasant fan greater variety in D & D 4e. look for the dark Sun campaign 2010 Guide by Wizards of the coast.

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