Good RPG games for the pen and paper Roleplayers

One of the things that I would like to talk about was good RPG games for roleplayers pen and paper.  In the past, have spoken for such a good RPG PC games and good RPG online games.  However, I play games for a long time to pen and paper with roles and I know a lot about this, perhaps more than I know about the best PC RPG games or games console RPGS. Well, here is a list of some well RPG games for pen and paper roleplayers.
Dungeons & Dragons Fourth Edition – despite all the negativity from the old school gamers, nostalgic, D & D 4th Edition is a game with great roles, especially for new gamers just getting into the hobby. This is the longest running and most popular Fantasy RPG ever. D & D 4e now dominates market share. You have mixed elements from the classic elements of a good MMORPG games to create a game with great roles. D & D 4e is widely regarded as the best RPG game now.
4. Shadowrun Edition – even if this game has a system that can be difficult to play sometimes the world of Shadowrun is fantastic. You can play a human, elf, dwarf, ork, or troll the Internet into a world of magic and cyberware. Corporate espionage is abundant and magic flowed through the world with both positive and negative ways. Shadowrun is Cyberpunk with magic and meets the years 2050 +.
star wars Saga Edition – SWSE is certainly one of the Free Online Games RPG available there now. Is the latest incarnation of the Star Wars universe in an RPG. Saga Edition is based off of the D20 system with a few modifications rule to match better the Star Wars universe. The game is a great combination of the most popular sci-fi setting ever with one of the most popular game systems, pen and paper ever.
World of darkness – world of darkness is especially his game, but it is more a collection of good RPG games by White Wolf. Bat, Werewolf, Mage, Wraith Changling, and a host of other individual games make up the world of darkness. In these games, players can also play the types of characters that normal folks will consider their worst nightmares.
Call of Cthulhu – there are a host of systems and versions that call themselves a game call of Cthulhu. Each one is a good example of a good RPG game.  Precondition for this is to place mortal characters often explores the strange and unusual occurrences. During investigations reveal often aliens, monsters or daemons that you could ever imagine. This usually brings cause you can go crazy or kill, thus ending the game! Sounds dumb, but man is incredibly entertaining.
Tears – although system Palladium is widely regarded as a system of bulky and archaic in the real world of tears is a spectacular setting that contains absolutely everything, but a sink. Futuristic cyborgs, aliens, magical creatures and magical spell casters, psychics, and many of the more unusual creatures makeup of this world that is full, literally anything he could think of.
Here are some well RPG games for both new and experienced players to test. I think the newer players used in MMORPG games good, Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition of the easiest is to start with.  But there are certainly many more that I haven't mentioned here. Savage worlds has a great system as a whole. Pathfinder really bringing something old and new, the game board. And there are a host of other smaller games and game companies pay big RPG games throughout the year.
What do you think that is good RPG games for pen and paper roleplayers?
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