OpenQuest & RuneQuest thoughts

I am once again toying around OpenQuest.  I love the sense of the rules, but it is sort of a strange game for me because I have very little experience with RuneQuest.  I have read the Mongoose RuneQuest II, and I turned on the previous editions, too.  I think the simplicity of OpenQuest is a big draw for me, but I am willing to ensure that I miss beside the good bits of other kindred RuneQuest.  Games really seem quite compatible, for the part of fun is instead about other books of RuneQuest to see if there is nothing that I want to add.

I'll be honest: as an American grew up when and where I did, RQ was not exactly on the list of most played games. Rifts, D & D, Palladium Fantasy and traveller dominate, and I regret not for her.  But it is pleasant to explore, even from an angle, so a game with history built behind it.  I feel like a tourist in much discussion, I have read, but perhaps it's the time RQ, courtesy of OpenQuest, clicks finally in place.  As soon as I get funding, I need to hang a printed copy or the last download RPGNow. In my view, that there has been some changes in the final edition of OQ.

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