Using the One-Shot game

If you were around games for any time, you probably used a One-Shot game. The funny thing is that we sometimes like to do all the One-Shot games. I am always asked why we do often use them we probably should. I think that it sometimes comes down that we do not know when we would like to use a One-Shot game. Let us dwell on a few examples of the reason for which we would like to use a One-Shot.

The Classic type is set to fill. Sometimes rare normal part can come together to play. Several times, you can try to complete the part with NPCs or just run the adventure with the players at hand. Sometimes just is not right. In these cases, if you have a One-Shot game you can play, then at least your players and you can have a fun session without affecting the adventure you've been written nor players who could not attend. It's the great thing about a one-shot, it generally has little effect beyond the One Shot.

A more useful One-Shot, are rules tests. This can be see if certain rules changes, you have in mind for you game are going to work or a game system that you have never played before playing. In both cases, the idea is too see if the rules work. This does not mean that you cannot if fun, it simply means that your main goal is rules. One of the things on the test of a new game is that sometimes what you think will be a One-Shot players can wants to make a game longer. According to your desires, this can be good thing. After all, you'll have player interested in playing a new system. If they want to continue to play it then you something that really hit a nerve. The only side? You may not enough material of transition from One Shot to full campaign.

Another good use of One-Shot is to allow everyone to take a break. It could even allow to be a player if someone wants to be a master of game for a One-Shot. In fact, one-shots are useful here, because they can be used as a proving ground for the new game masters. I do not think that I know of many game masters who like to game master. Most of them love play. In fact, I'm going out on a branch and say that master game more do so because they cannot find someone else the wants to do the work.

Finally, there is the set of the convention. This is probably the most common place your go find a One-Shot game. After all, you search for a group of players together who have probably never meet before. They will play a session comes to an end and it is unlikely that they will play never these characters once more.

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