Persona III

Very few games tried to separate my real life fantasies through continuum and persona III Atlus, which is only a few who have managed to do so consider moving.

First published in the PS2 in 2007, Japanese game developer well preserved his PlayStation Portable in 2010 2 RPG on the PSP. Compression and making the game on the PSP can play as a challenge because of its complexity, but the team was able to do the impossible Atlus.

In most cases, when the game was going interplates PS2 PSP is "fun factor" as-is if beeinträchtigt from persona III. Rather than lose their gameplay, PSP version adds the gaming experience more PS2 's sister from its portfolio.

Unusual twist

Persona III characters, ROLLENSPIEL, threw an unusual approach. Player control of the game character a teenager as he lives at the LycĂ©e Junge-will simply sounds? Wait until you play the game. Juveniles have a dark secret. If hours 00: 00 hours, he turns to someone, girl in an attempt to save the world and spends hours spooky fight monsters and other-worldly creatures. The game marks the hour 12: 00 "dark hour", an hour after midnight, when all but the select statement are included in coffins. The game focuses on mysteries that surround this strange time. Accompanying the secret is to transform the school into the Tower, called "Tartare."

Navigate in a simplified version of your console. Bubbles show objects, people or places of interest, you pick a player and can interact with them. The game is divided into months, days and hours. Some tasks and people appear only at certain times of the day. Seasons and festivals, to the point in Japan in color of the calendar gives his well-done chronology.

Time is the key to persona III, the player is forced to work with other friendship games in play school, juggling and dating Exchange. As a character is forced, difficult decisions while in class, such as presentations, listen to or sleep. Each choice corresponds to the sequence of sleep enhances player he must go through the night Tartar. On the other hand, increased intelligence and contains information that can be used during the trial period in the game. It is also important to build relationships with other characters, because it increases the effect. Also available as the player wins the majority of people as friends and some of them to this day.

Mazes and labyrinths are a Tartar combat, players are faced with the task of continually through the floors. The substance is called shadow patrol tartare and serves as the main enemies of the game. If a player makes contact with the shadows, a battle occurs. The battle can only be managed by the protagonist, but teams can be sent to three of your team. Players can also "persons" entities to call authorities, support and skills in the game can be made available. After the battle, the player can sometimes be seen playing cards. Select the correct card offers Rewards, cash or persona.


Finishing the game on the PSP version retains the beauty of simple and his cousin console graphics. Kinematic represented with portraits of nature. Combat is 3D and other skills and characters just played in the PSP. Unfortunately the anime cut scenes from PS2 to PSP.

On the other hand refers to the game sound effects. Kinematic fully expressed and talks well made. Players can play notes in their minds, even after the games and music is catchy.

While persona III value is definitely the time. Impact in the PS2 version is a compact, more fun and especially portable players want to try this excellent RPG. Immersion time in the game, fighting and unforgettable characters; A challenge is the creation of many elements in a game of mix and blend, and made a perfect Atlus. Adding new elements, such as selection: girl play open to explore new opportunities. It's a game that players can get connected after school.

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