Help wanted: Hunter GEO was saving the monsters battle and in the world

YD online mobile games GEO has today Hunter, the location of the function, a set of roles (RPG), with the user in their area and ultimately protect world monsters, while in competition with other players. Now available in Apple app store for free, GEO Hunter created a fun experience game Google maps view of satellites are used for landscape, combined with the imaginary world where monsters took over parts of the world. Some monsters will remain, while hidden monsters seem to occur in the News in the world.

Review of the game against Google Maps Earth scenes have a monster that lurks in your backyard and conquered the world! See collect on the role of powerful Warriors, skilful hunters or clever Wizard to protect your lawn with various weapons for the army. Your monster to increase their own classification and armed flight as you progress through the construction of the monster collection through the game not only are the various geographic levels, more powerful monsters, but once friendly to your neighbors. This will get you nourish and strengthen your Monster or into the hands of other players. You should be careful about hidden monsters appear as a News. Players can weapons, armor and potions for more powers and be the hero who saves the world from monsters.

"Location technology has revolutionised the game mechanics and GEO Hunter takes this kind of experience, a little further with Google Maps has a fun, addictive game environment," said Dr. Hyun-Oh Yoo, CEO YD online. "We wanted to create mobile games actually Geography combines with fantasy, creating a community of aggressive players."GEO Hunter gave all these qualities, great value for players.

How to play the players choose one of three characters: Warrior, Hunter and sorcerer. For players at other positions they will fight different classes of Monster. To make the game more difficult, players also warned against hidden Monster should be linked to places in the news. These monsters, only to see that if a player has news at home, otherwise, it will avoid even the most experienced GEO Hunter. After the attack, the monster is back. To beat potions, armor and shields, who deserve it, with a critical attack other monsters, players can defend themselves better. After the player has beaten weaker monster, they can begin collecting Monster and won their Facebook wall. Shaking or iPhone Launch, players will receive their health and their resistance.

Offered for free, you can download now GEO hunters in Apple's app store.

Hunters in GEO on Facebook

YD online online is the global YD game developer and creator of Hunter in GEO, location, role playing and selection of an Angel, the first mobile game to open the application. Founded in 2000 and listed on the Korea Stock Exchange, Yar has deep roots in the online gaming community of users in over 80 countries. YD online President and CEO, Mr. Hyun-Oh Yoo, former CEO of SK communications and led to the US and global expansion of revolutionary social network Cyworld, its position as leader in Korea and at the top of the site. YD online, we sit in mountain view, Calif.-based are.

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