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It is an age-old question that will do, which is more intense in the coming year as the Xbox 360 is thriving and the release of the PS3 and the revolution. What is the best? Is this good for me? Now, I proposed that the two, but if you need one or the other then you should a few things.

Price is definitely a problem. Bat I mean, as the last time, where you not even a eye when buying some $500 or more? The bottom line: Computer games is more expensive. Why? As computer games are not made for that. They are observers and publishers, photo calculator, word processing, Internet browser, music player, the movie. You are much more than a game machine. Consoles, but in General not. It went online console from the Dreamcast recently and not someone off the coast of tables or book reports of a still saw print. Consoles are purely gambling and between 100 and 500 dollars. PC on the other hand is much more than a game machine and runs between 1 500 and 3 $000 and need to be improved from time to time latest games and the largest.

Genus is a problem. If you have a fan of real time strategy and only a console, I cry for you. And if you are a fan of game platforms, computer games are a sad error. Genus is a big problem, because that issue vs of the keyboard/mouse controller. Different games played much better on the different configurations. Computer game is best for games time real (RTS), first person shooter (FPS), massively multiplayer all role playing (MMORG), flight simulation and point and click-adventure-games. On the other page, consoles are better for the games, action/adventure games, platforms, role-playing game (RPG) fighting games and sports games.

Tech savvy can be a problem. Computers are a little more volatile than consoles. Seen I mean if the last time you received a PlayStation locks or a blue screen of death? Never, right? The same thing is here. Some computer games could be a little stubborn set determine how your computer like it or your computer can meet system requirements. However, consoles, do not have this problem. People who design games have the adaptation to the requirements of the console, so you no problem. If you base have a knowledge of computer, are you fine. If you do not, a console for you can be better.

Therefore, as I said, if you want more than one game for the school and work, or you want the kind of games such as RTS and MMORG games, I'd go with a PC. If you like platforms, action and adventure, or games for sport or for your portfolio is a little on the blank page, I would with a console. He will surf able to on the Internet or help with something, but it will play some great games.

If you want a console at the end of this article, you have three options at this time. You could a GameCube buy, if you buy such as innovation, an Xbox if you like the best graphics and the FPS games or buy a PS2 to a huge library of play or fighting in the flat Formeset RPG play, from action/adventure game its-games. You have also an other option. You can expect that the Xbox 360 comes out this month and get, or expect that the revolution of Nintendo and PS3 next year.

If you would like to inform on computers of gaming and computer game, is an excellent resource for all your questions and even a tutorial on creating your own computer.

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