What makes a great game:

A gentle reminder for programmers

It's easy, all the details of the construction of an excellent video or the video game - so easy in fact lost go that we forget not the parts of a game are allowed to play the fun. The following is used to remind, soft, of which the players play in the first place loads. Where you down or helpless are C++ syntax or lines and statements in Visual Basic and DLL structures with confusion to get specify this callback in the event description.

1 Forget you not, that the player is the main character. Here is a secret between you and me: people play to gain a sense of control. If you manage to your game in a way that gives the Player control of the program, you have already won half the battle. This does not mean that the game should be easy. It simply means that if a gamer home runs from school or at home from the work, to play a video game discs, they will feel the control, this was not for the hours from nine to five. The result of a game - if it is a gain or loss - never should happen, but instead control the result of a good game.

2 KISS. Think of this acronym? It is stupid just to keep this. We all know that a set of programming is difficult, but we, when we say that we want to be reminded not to think. Never then as far as should be possible, make it easy to start, easy to navigate, and of course, easy to play the difficulty of a game of programming part of the game play. We questions not age preschool strategy here, but on the other hand we want not feel so dumb like a preschool. You forget that 100 manual page. Except really owned the certainly read no one. Building, average Joe will be your game for that, and every your fan.

3 Add lots of action. And to add too many. Action more you add your game, the attention of the players more attention. And more as a player on your game, make sure gets more attractive game. You have for each action which makes the player character game react and then the player more information required.

4 Make a good story. Nothing is worse than a game only to questions, what you do and why. Goal is and has always been a human obsession. But we leave... without it, walking in the dark... the things bizarre questions, such as the House a layer of bright pink color would look like. You give your players the possibility of wasting time like this. Give them a mission and make sure that your game reminds her what is the mission at the appropriate time and why she must be completed.

5 Provide. us eye candy. But it is relevant. The graphics in a game should be not disruptive, she should our eyes with satisfaction, glazing and drool they then see for more information. Graphics should contain notes and seduce us again and in the game again until we have defeated the thing.

6 Make it real. Fantasy games are very good, but what makes it cool is the fact that they are realistic. It is difficult to do something that are not familiar or that neither we can never know. But can implement if you play in your reality, players appreciate and relate to it to a respectable level.

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