Why We Play Games - Part 2

In the first part, we began to enter the motivation of the gamer. We discussed challenge and his ugly sister competition, two of the most common motivation. Today, we examine two more on the way to the make a general model for what moves us.

Perhaps less often is a significant driving force in the gamer psyche as the first two factors of motivation creativity yet. Although the first game as a particularly creative act, with its formalized rules and structured system seems, it is much more room for the expression of itself, which is to be expected. Some games directly through unique presentations and artistic topics. Music games and a large number of titles SIM are governed by only expressive outlets, which randomly through a system of rules. Other creative elements found their output in multiplayer-play. The modern MMORPG sports equipment and combinations decorative numbering in the millions of people. Motivated creative fun design gamer takes their character which is so similar to change how they interact with their environment. Motivated creative players thrive when point of sale available. Something abstract is a high degree expression, decoration or an important component. She will be subject to only numbers, game environments, and where the presentation is very homogeneous.

Although we sometimes how it admit, is a motivation that lives in the heart of every player to Dodge. Design a game created a fundamentally different world. Even games have, as one of their main objectives of certain aspects of the real world simulation recast the player in a role that they are more exciting than their own. Escape in the role of the adventurer, pilot, quarterback or even zookeeper provides motivation for nearly every gamer. Motivated turns players looking for games where the environment is really full, rich. They thrive in worlds, where the suspension of disbelief is high, where they can be available lost in the depth and complexity, their. You are attracted to games roles and simulation of environments, where the world is rich and is credible. You tend to avoid hard to believe the abstract games where the underlying reality is or understand. It is incredibly deep with a strange paradox, the MMORPG, stories and expansive worlds, not so attractive, as escaped pure RPG players motivated. This effect arises from the multiplayer aspect. Players in a public channel game themes or, worse still, digital and mechanical aspects of the game world can well destroyed hedonist experience and lead to seek to share the company of the NPC or others that their motivation.

It was to the detriment of the escape. A player spends too much time in a world not their own CDN begin to lose contact. Can this kind of dissociation with reality and has, give rise to all sorts of problems with work, school and personal relationships. However, this does not mean that evasion itself is a bad thing. It is a core element of the human experience. The reason why we holiday, the movements to see, take advantage of sporting events or go camping is inherently escape. As people we are by often not covered much in life. It is of course look for activities that allow us just outside our day to day life. Game is no different. As a player, however, we are a community often misunderstood. We owe ourselves and the world to the fight of the information by the positive reality of the games and gamer culture, distribute and control of internal obsession. No matter how good a substitute for the real world, a game think it is only a hobby. Authorization from time to time.

In the second part of this series, we come to social interaction. Then we go to a kind of unified on this theory.

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