World of Warcraft Power Leveling Guide

This is the method that have used power Levellers since the closed beta and I am one after all of them, to give up. It in no way is the ideal solution if you maximize your experience in the game, as this method, bypass almost all content of the game and aspects will ignore essentially many fun, unique wow want to. This is not recommended for new players and players who have already suffered the content and the only high want to play an old with their friends from level 60 (ie.) (60 Group has need of a priest their instance of level and it is to have no priests). As a reference to success you are with this, Cosmos (Cosmos) download and use the functionality of the clock measure on your XP per hour. At level 50, you get about 40 000 + / hour.

1-20: New land, friendly (undisputed) areas. Only loops. Quests are a waste of time, level 20, if you focus on optimizing XP per hour. 20-26: Quests of wetlands and the Raptors/slime/orcs for loops. And more of the Lake Grove in Redridge mountains.

26-30: And more Undead for milling and lumber. Critter Hillsbrad of foothills for the crushing of Français.

30-35: All this on a day to Daggerspines in the Hillsbrad of foothills of next Southshore along the coast. Spawn huge, very fast respawn rate, easy-to-kill mobs. Isle of IRAP (island of the region's far Southwest water of Hillsbrad of foothills) also a beautiful removed place you can loop on the undead.

36-40: Hillsbrad of foothills of Southshore and more. Desolace quests and Kodo loops for 36-38, then in living dead in the South-East of 38 - 40. coat of arms of the exiles in the District of the external link in Arathi also for 37 - 41. extremely easy masses with a time of rapid revival. Alterac ogre of 35-40 for grinding. HammerFall for the crushing of 36-39 is Drywhisker goblins in Arathi.

41-45: Grinding and quests and trolls in the hinterland, the OWL wölfe animals. The Badlands ogres, Orcs, and and more.

45-48: Crash Tanaris quests and pirates on the Paninsula is. Stranglethorn Vale quests (only, if you IMO rewards). Basic a larger Badlands loop.

48-52: Felwood Deadwood Gnolls of grinding and quests of sanctuary in the South. Blasted Lands Dreadmauls to grinding. A 'un' goro crater (better started at 50) elementary for main characters and grinding offshore plants and tar. Azshara undead of Highbornes and Hyppogriffs for crushing Thunder peak.

52-55: Azshara for crushing the blood elves. Combustion ogre of steppe Dreadmaul rock caves Firegut OGRE (very low AC) for milling. Felwood of Irontree Woods and Keller for loops (great spot). Western Plaguelands of and more for the dawn of money and correction on the undead in the various camps.

55-58: Eastern Plaguelands quests in the sanctuary, loops on the Undead to cities in ruins. AllΘ grinding village named or see Kel'Theril Highbornes undead (my personal favorite camp). BlackRock fortress in for grinding burning steppes.

58-60: "The" Yeti allΘ cave, due South-East of Gobelines (beautiful place). Grosh GOK in dead winds passed OGRE connections (great spot, knows it no one). The Eastern Plaguelands fungal Vale loops living dead and dawn money to agricultural token. Moonowls in the allΘ for loops.

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