Xbox 360: A revolution in the game console

This was not so long ago that children, who get system by Sega for Christmas or "new" console Nintendo 8 bits game the envy of all less fortunate and burned on Atari owner Playmate neighborhood. The time, SNES, Sega Genesis and Turbo graphix 16 Sen is all the rave. Who can now remember somethings was impressed by the awesome advances in the gameplay and graphical display of the Nintendo 64 and Sega's Dreamcast system, and even more recently (before five years) the rise of the MicrosoftNintendo game cube Xbox and Sony play station. The video game industry a great made in the last twenty years: original such as PAC - man, Calga and Tron, extremely vivid graphics and life as Tomb Raider on the BildschirmSplinter Cellet Tekken; forms Atari slowly, hardly recognizable in games available for the Xbox and play station. Today, Microsoft just in time for Christmas 2005, made coup in the ongoing race for dominance of video games with the introduction of the Xbox 360. The result is really phenomenal.

The Xbox 360, is dedicated to only a computer with hardware and software such as with all video game consoles, in fact, the function of video games do. The original Xbox only a Microsoft PC with modified Pentium III processor, some graphics was good enough powerful audio capabilities and a version of the operating system Windows 2000, which packed each in a distinctive black box.

In this Jahr Microsoft published two versions of the Xbox 360: the Xbox 360 and the Xbox 360 core system. Xbox 360Core system is "plug and play", i.e. in the console includes a built-in controller and AV cable that is Xbox 360 (not the "basic system") with a wireless controller, AV HD cable, an Ethernet cable connectivity, headphones, remote media and a removable hard drive 20 GB provided.

You have to try anyone who thinks that the original Xbox was a technological wonder! Incredible and realistic, as it was the game on the first Xbox, Xbox 360 from its predecessor seem tired and worn. Microsoft has rebuilt the Xbox to the ground. The name showing the features, the Xbox 360 is one radically different and more powerful than the original Xbox machine. The Xbox 360 console is much more than just video games, allows you to play a total Media Center, the users, network with other owners of 360; RIP, stream and download all types of media, including HD movies, music, to play digital photos and content of the game, also DVD movies and audio CD

The Xbox 360 will revolutionize the world of the play. Again, Microsoft has developed the new standard in video game technology.

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