Angels Online: Free RPG Game For PC

Angels Online players can battle in this role-playing game in one of the 4 kingdoms: Aurora, Beast, Steel and Shadow.

They may make unique combinations of more than 40 different skills and hundreds of spells.


In ancient times there was no difference between heaven and earth ... Every corner was filled with happiness until one day something unexpected happened. The archangel Lucifer fell in love with a girl, but this girl was already in love with another angel, so Lucifer lost his mind and transmuted this girl into dew and the angel into starlight in order to separate the two lovers forever .

The angel knew that sooner or later they would be punished, so he gathered a rebellious army and attempted to overthrow the rein of Jupiter but failed and was banished to hell. Since then it has planning his revenge. Now forces are larger and has founded a demon training field, in order to destroy the Garden of Eden, and what is worse, believe it is time to begin his revenge on Jupiter.

The game consists of many landscapes and incredible scenes, including plains, valleys, deserts, oceans, horrible crypts, majestic forests, eerie swamps, lifeless wastelands, lakes and many more. The monsters are indispensable part of any game, and there are several huge, ferocious. The game offers nearly 40 different kinds of skills and hundreds of spells, which undoubtedly will allow each player reach his ideals. In addition, there are hundreds of articles and armasque be used.

Fighting for a totem not just a status symbol, if a guild that owns a totem is the host of a territory, and can monopolize resources. These totems can be improved to make them more powerful. Players can ride various animals such as turtles, little pigs, horses and lizards. During the battle, your pet will help you fight monsters and can level up and become more powerful.

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Interesting Facts : 
  • Genre: Fantasy / Role
  • Languages: English
  • Platforms: PC
  • Client: Software / Stand Alone
  • Price: Free
  • Official Site:

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