Legends Of Qin - Free Online Rpg Game

The legend of Qin is an adventure, a game to play in 3D. It is the first online rpg game that is played between Western audience.

The game mixes the true Chinese history with mythology. Still in the game the eternal conflict between Good and Evil Witness the rise of one of the most powerful empires!

Legends of Qin provide a unique experience in the search conducted by an atmospheric world never seen in any game of fiction. Solve thousands of searches based on history, learn new skills, meet many friends and challenge other players in epic fights.

Game Features:

• Free. You can play online with more players at the same time for free.
• Detailed 3D graphics.
• Development of individual character based on 4 classes.
• A huge and fascinating world that mixes Chinese history and mythology.
• Many dungeons and different cases.
• PVE and PVP gameplay.
• Complex guild system.
• More than 2,000 searches of groups and characters vary based on the main plot
• Wide range of mounts and pets
• Detailed working system.
• Free download and no monthly fees!


Get Free Online Rpg Game - Legends Of Qin visiting Official website: 

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