Dragon Quest VI: Output noise European

Dragon Quest VI could arrive in Europe, this is what can be deduced from some rumors that run on the Great Network If these rumors turn out to be based would be a big win for fans of a series of JRPG most popular in the world. In truth, Dragon Quest is followed by a massive in Japan, while in the rest of the world, but particularly in Europe it has always been the other favorite brands Square Enix's most successful Final Fantasy .But things could be changed.

In fact the last chapter was also published in the Old World, Dragon Quest IX, has managed to score great sales that make it so convenient to the release of additional chapters in the saga of role-playing games .

The rumors of a 'European release of Dragon Quest VI on Nintendo DS stems from an argument that does not seem wrong. The Australian Classification Board, which deals with classification based on the gaming content production, expressed itself on its Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Reverie , just the sixth chapter of Dragon Quest, then surely putting his foot in the land of kangaroos .

In the field of videogame Europe and Australia are tied in glove sharing that format, PAL, which are marketed video games. So would all believe that Dragon Quest VI will be released in Europe .

This is in contradiction with the fact it was thought a few months. It Ribadiso that it is just a rumor, but Square Enix has always said esssere interested to bring out the remake of his games in all territories. Stay tuned for updates.

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