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The free version of these games cost bursting role in Western countries

The extension of broadband possible to design games that are performed exclusively on the Internet and support the participation of thousands of people simultaneously, each from their point of connection. These are called "massive online games multiplayer ( MMOG ). To date, access to these virtual worlds demanded the release of a monthly fee. Now become popular titles in open competition on an equal basis with payment.

The first system of access to online games is similar to traditional physical distribution of video games. The user purchases on optical media or pay for the download the game and can participate with other gamers online in exchange for a monthly fee.

The flagship of this distribution is World of Warcraft , a game based in a fantasy world which has recently completed five years since its launch and reap a huge success. It brings together more than eleven and a half million fans passing by the ticket office at a rate of 12.99 euros per month per head, a price that is reduced to 10.99 euros by contracting for six-month periods.

However, the West has reached a mass distribution of video games as usual in Asian countries: access to them, both for download as practice, is free to the user. Examples include the tens. Puzzle Pirates player makes a pirate who plunders other ships, for which you must complete various puzzles. In December 2008, had four million registered users. 

"Puzzle Pirates, which the player becomes a pirate, had in December 2008 with four million registered users" 

 Free Realms is designed for PC and PlayStation 3 scheduled to be aimed at children and adolescents. Attracts over three million users and combines multiple games with social networking features, because participants can chat and share content with each other.

More Free MMOG

More examples, for all audiences, are in Sacred Season 2 , a traditional MMOG where you and your friends can team up and fight monsters in dungeons, and complete quests, which has attracted over two million visitors since it was released in March; 4Story , where they face two kingdoms and the player must take sides, or Shaiya , which so far has not been translated into other languages and takes the player into the past of science fiction.

The media Second Life is another game, but is intended to simulate real life and has no defined purpose. In the same vein, you can practice with Imvu , but focuses primarily on the design of the clothing of the avatars and the relationship between the characters.

Even this kind of games has made the leap to the web and can be managed from the browser, but less graphic quality, as in the case of Metaplace . Moreover, not only role-playing titles opt for the free mass. So do Battlefield Heroes , which lets you play first or third person, and Combat Arms , also in action and you play in person.

How are they financed?

Although come and play in these virtual worlds is free for users, companies do not give up  raising money. The first way is intrinsic to this form of entertainment. In role-playing games, users create characters that evolve and are made with clothing or items that increase their relevance.

Video game designers take advantage of this loophole and, although you can play without buying anything, they sell clothing or different weapons to help win games against other characters or to find new venues. To this end, the creators of video games often use their own virtual currency system, with the equivalent real money through payment gateways Paypal style or credit card.

The average revenue per user registered to get these companies is between one and two dollars per month, although on average only pay about 10% of users. The rest enjoy the free game, if you decide to buy something, always lel can be cheaper to subscribe to a pay MMOG.

Not interfere with play

Payment for items and clothing could introduce some discrimination as people with more money  have theoretical advantage. However, this is avoided from the outset because the goal of these games is not winning, but that the character created evolve and improve. In this, the relations established with other players can help more.

"The aim of these games is not winning, but that the character created evolve and improve"

MMOG creators free leverage the number of users who congregate every day as an argument to attract advertisers and sponsors. A third way to increase revenue is to make the game as free, but charge a fee for access to servers guarantee the speed necessary to participate comfortably. In this case, free hosts are likely to become congested and slow down the game.

Some titles also include payment have users who access the various extras beyond the reach of those who play without spending any money. This segment of users can play in Free Realms any profession without limit and have special items. For its part, Puzzle Pirates oceans have been created exclusively for paying customers.

Flea market

"The fact that the money to influence the development of the game, the number of objects a user  can buy, has made an entire second-hand market. Users are used auction sites like eBay, or free ads to sell virtual items they no longer want but that other participants may need."

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