Different categories of computer games

To classify computer games in the first place in the PC games played on your computer after the installation with the CD containing the software, games, download pc and online games. Many websites offer the download version of the PC games.

Use category based on the authorization

Games for licenses to classify. Some games are free of charge and can be downloaded for free on the Internet. Some games pc shareware games is downloadable free of charge. Shareware games have limitations in features. Some shareware can be used for the only period of 30 days, and some are limited by the number of times that the software is used. Trial versions of the software are the limited period of time or are only a limited functionality.

Online games

Online games are those that are played online. The user, playing online games, should have an Internet connection in his PC. You should be aware that your Internet Bill is on the rise in the time you play online. One of the most popular online games is Yahoo Games. Many sites offer online games. Some sites require that you play a member of these games online. Some free to play on a per game basis.

PC games

PC games are those that require an installation with a CD of pc games. Play some must have the CD in the CD drive, the game. This software CD is acquired by the users are. There are many games such as Tomb Raider pc that requires that you buy the CD. Most of the games included requiring auto races and motorcycle races software installs from CD you purchased.

Download PC games

These games can be downloaded from the Internet and can be installed in your computer. Most of the free game downloads are small enough to be downloaded on the Internet. Sites it as, which sought for free game downloads may be. A search engine would give you thousands of links to free downloadable games.

What must you your PC to play these games?

Most games can be played without additional hardware. The last configuration of the PC, which has installed the software on your computer, you get additional software be installed must. Some online play must, to online games plug-in the install. Plug-in is additional software is required to run an application on your computer. Will provide you with appropriate links from your browser or your computer needs plug-in the download. Check the system requirements for the games computer downloaded or installed in your system and installation prior to the start of the game.


  1. I am more into playing computer games like WOW. I considered it as a pc games (based on your classification above) since I need a copy of the game before I can play it fully and enjoy farming wow gold at azeroth.



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