Video Games In The Future.

Defense of the gamer

With video game technology promotion as fast and far and started, it could not help but to entertain the idea, where it will go from here. After all, part of a creative process, and we want to believe that our fonts contribute even a small way. One of the first video games, we can think of is "Commodore Pong." But never thought that the industry would have reached the point where it now is. One thing is certain however, and this is the game is in full force.

Today we have a little imagination to see where our imagination and wish us to take made.

The following offers suggestions for what a little thing could be done called "impossible".

We are a little fascinated with the idea of "sunglasses game". Has a few glasses and Black Sun technology by the "Wii" of Nintendo system implemented, it was a game in the truest sense of the word rather than directly in front of our eyes and then with it interact with a device the size of a pen. Given the fact that this is not exactly a new idea, we are looking forward to develop what developed by "Arquake" project1 to the University of South Australia - springboard for this type of game, in the future with certainty.

Another cool idea, we would like to in the game see industry is the ability to speak with the characters within a game. Some games can players of verbatim are already talking about characters, but we would like to see that this has pushed a little further. We like to orally can interact with characters: questions to ask, Autour, warn joke and talk about them as if we were talking about other people. And we would like to purchase from Kagi, these characters back to hear! It is an opportunity for the ultimate artificial intelligence, and would even though it likely will take years before this technology widely available would be, we are convinced that this would be a hit.

Never get us to the point where we can play, in one of the characters in Star Trek simulated environment the way in which: the next generation could play? Virtual reality is close, but the reality of the simulation disappeared at the moment we set research and gloves to sunglasses silly-. That the simulation of this type of working too little barrier between the player and the game as possible. This is not what you think, that we want the impression that we we not go into a game and to be honest, somewhere outside of the House in a game, we want to do this.

The television or computer screen is enough for today, but in future we are surrounded with the elements, that want to make the miracle that it plays today. We are our dens or rooms in a virtual alien ship or simulated jungle to transform. In short, we want a new world.

One of the possible obstacles to this fantasy in our living room, the acceptance by the public. Ready, the public would be to a high level of entertainment? And could the public process? Release of Wii Nintendo were immediately ready for customers, complain that they wanted their former controller of the return! Because with new developments, it will certainly unintended consequences and even if we are Gung - share ho for these kinds of progress, we also the concerns about the impact that it would have on an audience that is not practical "ready".

So we can look at certainly some introduced legislation which restricts the use of our fantasy games. We already have some laws aimed now as well and from our point of view, it is a good thing. The last thing do we meet in the game is a physical damage - in particular, if we try to enjoy virtual entertainment!

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