Captain America - Super Soldier: Late, But Epic - The Launch Trailer

Captain America - Super Soldier is true since the 15th Available in July, but now Sega has released the trailer for Lanch match for the title.

Captain America - Super Soldier last week is secretly and quietly come onto the market. Now the publisher Sega and developer Next Level Games have also released a launch trailer to make the superhero game carefully. Captain America - Super Soldier is the licensing title to the movie Captain America - The First Avenger, which will run from mid-August in the cinemas.

In Captain America - Super Soldier, the player over the role of Captain America in the villain The Red Skull. Of course, this again will be subjugated to the U.S. The story was written by the comic writer Christos Gage and fits in with the film's plot.

In the trailer for Captain America - Super Soldier are the key gameplay features of the game to see it again - packed into a good bit of pathos. So beat the hero using his shield through hordes of enemies. Captain America can throw his shield like a boomerang, for example, or use it to ward off bullets. The second important aspects of gameplay are the acrobatics. Sun lurches, climbs, jump and Captain America resonates very agile through the levels. Captain America - Super Soldier is currently available for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii and Nintendo DS are available, a version for the Nintendo 3DS will follow later.

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