Download Rpg Genre Blue Dragon Xbox 360 Game For Free

Year : 2007 

Genre : Rpg 

Developer : Mistwalker 

Publisher : Microsoft Game Studios 

Platform : XBOX360 

Region : Region Free 

Firmware : iXtreme Compatible (second wave) 

Language : English 

Famed game producer Hironobu Sakahuchy (Hironobu Sakaguchi) from the company and the company Mistwalker developer Artoon represent a long-awaited exclusive Xbox 360 game Blue Dragon. Akira Toriyama developed characters (Akira Toriyama), who participated in the creation of Dragon Ball Z, and Nobuo Uematsu wrote the music (Nobuo Uematsu), who participated in creating the game Final Fantasy, Blue Dragon - This is an epic rpg game in which the protagonists act boy named Shu and his friends. They do not like heroes’ characters have power over the shadows that reflect the actions of their lords; this power gives Shu and his friends miraculous strength and magical abilities. Shu and his companions use their shadows as weapons in the battle of Ninomiya ancient evil and the human race, which has magical powers and is long gone. Shu and his friends have to develop their skills to save the world from impending threats. Encountering various people on the planet with countless ancient ruins, the characters and their shadows travel through a world full of mysteries and illusions, where the slightest touch can lead to unforeseen consequences.

Download Free Blue Dragon Xbox 360 (En)

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