The Binding of Isaac'. Trailer Not Suitable For All Audiences

Oddly enough we had not seen 'The Binding of Isaac', the new craze of Edmund McMillen (one of the "Meat Boys"), in motion, but luckily we now have a trailer to make us even more to the idea of how be. Although I must warn you not to be suitable for all audiences. Or maybe I exaggerate? Maybe, or not, although I think his aesthetic that speaks for itself...

Not many weeks ago we saw your requirements for Mac and PC (runs on Steam) and know the price, cheaper than usual, while the absence of a few days to put up for sale. In early September, without going further, and I cannot hide the desire that I have to try it.

We had already checked, but now even more: Edmund McMillen touch is still present, but that wait for a new 'Super Meat Boy' will be quite a disappointment, and here we are neither more nor less than a ` Smash TV ' wannabe with a touch of rogue like, which is defined as somehow McMillen himself on the day of presentation. I do not know you, but to me, after the video, I like even more. Besides having the added bonus of having the services of Danny Baranowsky teacher for its soundtrack. Secure Shopping.

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