The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim' Just Need A Disc In Your Xbox 360

When consoles like betting on a stand had no such discussions. Of course, now we have a PS3 with Blu-Ray and lots of gigabytes of storage space and Xbox 360 still working with DVD media that is not lame. The fact is that many studies of development seem to benefit from that difference for different grades of finish excuse, failure to get all the content, use of multiple disks ... whatever.

Bethesda, fortunately, does not put any excuses and seeks to inform their next 'The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim' title graphic quality that borders on insanity as Villalobos told us a while; you have enough disk with a single Xbox 360. So you can forget an issue with several discs, but it is nothing serious, itself becomes an annoyance. Especially if you do not have the option to install all of the console.

Matt Carofano, art director of the game, the question of how many discs are needed to play 'The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim' on Xbox 360 gave the following answer, clear and concise:

"Well, luckily the answer is one. No disc swapping only one."

Answer that hits a little with the latest batch of rumors pointing to an installation of multiple disks because of the vastness of the game. And speaking of facilities, Mr. Carofano could not be precise in the amount of GB required to install the game on the console's hard drive so we have to wait. For now let's stay with spectacular video and the shift to the Norse mythology that seems to him so well feel the saga.

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