Rumor On A 'Fire Emblem' for Nintendo 3DS

If this rumor CONFIRMED I'm not going to be the only rejoice at this news, and Will is Already playing to see new 'Fire Emblem' Lords of Nintendo and Intelligent Systems, Who Have Spent A Few years since the last. On this occasion The platform Would Be the Nintendo 3DS, and a new adventure That Would place 100 years After the events in 'Sealed Sword' (Did not get out of Japan, where, it is Known as 'Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi' ) Of GBA .

It is rumored to be Called 'Fire Emblem: Sacred Blue Red Demon Sword and Lance' And That Will focus on historical story of the princess and the kingdom Bern Lycia the prince of the kingdom, Each with Its Own Their history and perspective of the situation . It is not the first time We have two Lords , And one of the MOST recent examples We have 'Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones Game Boy Advance, one of my favorites.

As in the 'Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon' , 'Fire Emblem: Sacred Blue Red Demon Sword and Lance' Attempt to approach the more unusual the saga Offering by Certain facilities to not frustrate, all thanks to the Casual mode, where, it is Assumed That the deaths are not permanent (one of the main features of the saga, if someone dies, I have dies for good) but the way we Lunatic Also for Experts in the saga, of course. Would be confirmed, Because I have a mad Desire to return to Go into one of the greatest sagas of SRPG . And you? I Thought so.

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