Diablo III: All You Need To Know

When you are ready to discuss a Development of Blizzard, the last thing to do is give Things for granted. We know this company That Operates At Its own pace, so unlikable the frenetic level of publication accustom to Which We Have the industry, and not Worry About His having most stops for years distinguished franchises. Such is the case 'Diablo III' Whose Development Began in 2001 and still no release date.

Even the Where We Will Platforms are unknown, although They Are CONFIRMED PC and Mac, the company is not hesitating to feed rumors of a console version . It is free of controversy Being Also this Development, as rivers of ink Have Such issues as run with Art Direction CHOSEN protection or the Extent of the game That forces you to use Exclusively online .

But not all bad, of course, because we remember are Talking About one of the Most Anticipated games of the powerful time for Various Reasons. Although the beta is Underway and is Not Even Certain That We Will Be In Stores This Year, There is so much information available Already That can do an article Collecting all you need to know About Diablo III ‘.

The story of 'Diablo III' and his world

Although not yet the fundamental Revealed Aspects of the argument of 'Diablo III' We Will Know That the adventure take us back to the world of Sanctuary, Twenty Years After the defeat of the forces of evil in the sequel. The heroes of That Struggle Being back in time and memory will be the turn of a new generation of warriors to fight the Troops of the underworld.

The only character in the classic series have Already Been Whose return is Deckard Cain CONFIRMED, Who Will witness the fall of a herald of the Apocalypse in the cathedral of Tristan, an event the old Rekindled That Will Struggle. Of course, knowing the events in the two previous 'Diablo' is very important to Understand What Happens here.

The map of 'Diablo III' Shall Consist of two major continents, Divided into Several regions, and in turn surrounded by several islands. Can you check it out then you are going carefully and so learning the Territory That Will touch and kicking.

The gameplay and combat in 'Diablo III'

As Was the Case with 'StarCraft II' Blizzard looking for a Revolution Will not playable Diablo III ' But Rather an update on the technical level. That is, take the base HAD Already, great on Its Own, and Adapt to the Times With A polygonal graphics engine and an excellent physics engine, all homemade.

But Beyond the technical and minor changes file, We Will Meet Again before a Game with role playing hack and slashes combat in ITS MOST classical and isometric. Naturally, the kind That We choose to face the adventure will Greatly Influence the type of fight That Will Live, But That Will Be Discussed point in detail later.

The title Also Benefit from the new that premiered last year, and obviously the game online (both Competitive and cooperative) Will Have Greater weight than ever in the franchise. Of course, as I said Before, not all good news In This Regard, It Will Be NECESSARY to Have a constant connection to the service for the game to work. Reasons For logical, the decision you have not gone down too well in the community.

Classes of 'Diablo III'

To date, five classes for Have Been Announced our character, for the first time we choose the gender of dog it without any problems, INSTEAD OF coming predetermine as It Was in previous titles. These are kinds of 'Diablo III' ITS MOST important features:

• Witch Doctor: Is a voodoo version of the Necromancer, Able to summon monsters, curses or Possess souls. It you fire pump Abilities Such as swarms of locusts or the, Which Can slow release based on a level of mana regeneration. This shaman Belongs to the race of Teganze Umbaru, a tribe living outside civilization and Surrounded by dark legends.

• Barbarian: Pure strength to fight large groups of bad guys based on muscle. It is the ideal class for Those Who likes to see blow by blow their enemies of an ax, and sow terror Among Their Opponents with skills like Cleave, Stomp on the floor or seismic Slam. It put you to Rage When That Increases Their Opponents attacking.

• Magician: An update of the sorceress who dominates the magic at will. Disintegrate, Electrocute or Teleport are only a FEW powerful attacks, it have a high rate of mana regeneration and May Even slow down time to crush His enemies more easily. A Classic That Could not misses.

• Monk: A powerful melee fighter dominates that the martial arts, the Murderer Located between Midway and the Paladin. These holy warriors destroy demons dog with His own hands or return shells, using only the historical body as weapon. Onda have crippling or impenetrable defense skills.

• Demon Hunter: Character skilled and Prepare for the ranged attack that mixes the Murderer and the Amazon. Your arsenal consists of a bows, crossbows, knives and bombs. This group of fans for the destruction of home and demon that gets in His Way, Without Worrying about the Means Necessary to get it.

The most important news

As I Mentioned in a previous section, the core gameplay of Diablo III 'Respect the basis of the series, But the whole experience is loaded with New features for everyone. Here we present a selection of the highlights:

• Followers: These Allies will join us in battle, helping to fight demons. Will be available only for both single and their corresponding also will Have Levels, Skill Acquisition, and so on. There will be three kinds of fans to our service: Sorceress Rogue Templar.

• The PVP combat arenas: In These Times It Seems That All titles essential have a good multiplayer section, and for That Has Been Blizzard removed from the sleeve thereby combat scenarios designed specifically to direct the battle. We play battles valid for the rankings or free, using characters have that story mode.

• Auction stores: To avoid the underground trade in other HAD Been Organized securities of the company, Blizzard have entered entre systems of trade players. THUS, There Will Be stores like eBay auctions, Where You Can Buy and sell game credits or real money.

• Rune Stones: To customize the skills of our character we will use a set of Rune Stones. There Will Be five kinds of stones (crimson, indigo, obsidian, alabaster and golden) with Which You Can More Than twenty modify skills per class.

• Achievements: Another essential Complement to the times, and I've Already given much play in 'StarCraft II'. There will be all sorts of Achievements to encourage exploration and multiply the hours of play.

Trailer 'Diablo III'

As I've been a real before video game, here are the spectacular cinematic trailer Diablo III ' some time ago Blizzard released, and absolutely essential to see Remains, whether or not you fond of the series. This company has always been known for their great work In This area, and Once More It Seems That Will Not disappoint.

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