'Dead Island' Guide to Getting Most Difficult Accomplishments

I had not hooked me as a video game. After buying it on Monday of last week there has not been a day that has not played 'Dead Island', Adding to date almost 40 hours of gameplay. Too many, but this work has been getting stuck Techland like few others.

Aside from its longevity, is also known for its multiplayer mode. We enjoy the adventure alone, but it is much more rewarding in the company of three other people. Besides we do not seem so complicated, why not say it. But aside from that fact, is characterized as a game likely to be completed to 100% in terms of Achievements / Trophies respect except for a few that maybe we can get a headache. That is why we are going to give some advice as a guide, So you manage the most difficult and you can claim to have completed these challenges.

Before you begin, note that obviously obtained by advancing the adventure or the cumulative rate plan "eliminates 250 enemies with a sharp weapon," because sooner or later succeed. We will focus on those with a greater degree of difficulty and / or hidden.

Achievement: "God of Thunder" (20 G)

"Use a hammer to kill 15 zombies without damage": Input bit complicated if we face zombies our level as we can for any forgetfulness annoy the task (the minimum reset coup achievement). My recommendation is placed above vehicles, or in the area near the hotel from the beginning, right on the first mission Sinamoi when we go for the keys. Here we see palm trees surrounded by stones, creating a sort of strong circular by which hikers can spend. Any of these places we will do, and that the main thing is keep your distance with the enemy for what might happen. Although we can always hit a kick. If not, the best thing, apart from taking into account such areas is to go into a game of someone who has started the adventure, so the zombies almost die of an impact.

Achievement: "Body Heat" (20 G)

"Sets fire to 10 zombies at once": Molotov cocktail will get it very early in the game, but not until the second zone of the city, where we see the best way to get this achievement. In the bottom of the abandoned house on the beach, see a large group of marchers gathered. In order not to miss the shot (must be given to the Molotov cocktail all at once) will launch first major at a "bait of flesh" (need three pieces of meat and a ribbon), and then, with all zombies around him, the Molotov cocktail. We have dinner.

Secret Achievement: "First!" (15 G)

"Kill a suicide with a grenade": When we see the first suicide after a mission near the lighthouse of the first zone of the island can get one of the secrets of the game early achievements. Need not express a grenade, and we also serve a deobomba. This is achieved by combining two deodorants with a ribbon, and its effect is the same as a grenade. Suicide by itself will dictate what your name when we approach them, so for this achievement it is best to throw the grenade or deobomba from a safe distance.

Secret Achievement: "Everybody lies" (20 G)

"Use a large kit to cure an injury of 5% or less": Another secret achievement, and quite atypical. The easiest way to get after buying or getting the first aid kit will be great duels against the bypass zombies as we remove more than 5%. My advice is to get close to areas where fire or toxic substances, making our life down a bit. If we've been through, it will be advisable to eat fruit because it is the least life recovers, and when we believe we have our life to 95% or higher, use the large kit. Worthy of Dr. House.

Secret Achievement: "Do not you dare" (10 G)

"Kill a Attacker with the ability to attack": in the field of battle Sam B.On the third row, we see the ability to "Onslaught". With it an achievement to get a attacker kill this way. Something we can do to reach the city, shortly before entering the church (the first mission of this area). Will not get any complications, and that in itself is the enemy attacker unwise. Charged to us to see ourselves and our tactics will quickly move to either side, for immediately afterwards hit him back. After removing enough life, will the onslaught with Sam B., and ready. Piece of cake.

Achievement: "Ten heads are better than one" (15 G)

"Kill 10 zombies in a row with headshots": another achievement that we can get more easily reach the city this is. When we get a pistol, rifle and / or shotgun, and ammunition enough, it will be recommended in a high (a vehicle, for example), to beat him zombies with knives, and then finish them off with guns a shot directly in the head. It seems to me achieving more affordable than "God of Thunder".

Secret Achievement: "Ah! Spoiled meat "(10 G)

"Kill a butcher with an axe": another secret achievement, and in this case on one of the toughest enemies in the game. The butcher we will see for the first time in the jungle, repeating in more areas thereafter. If we have no ax powerful, we can use other weapons to weaken it before, and then to top it the axe. But be careful, because if it takes too can regenerate your health ... or end up with it in a blink of an eye.

Achievement: "With one good enough for me" (20 G)

"Kill 5 infected followed by a single blow", And reached the ultimate achievement of which we can give a headache. It was one of those who, at first, it seemed more difficult, but fortunately, thanks to a little trick, you will see how not so bad. Assuming that an "infected" is not a "walker" (those infected are characterized by their battle cry, and after that come running towards us like crazy), I recommend will be removed from a well-aimed blow to the head. But it's something we do not always guarantee his death from a single blow. So I recommend waiting for the jungle area in the camp of the bottom of the map, as nearby (in the northwest, right where there is a bunker with a small, ridiculous mission) will see an infected impregnated toxic substance near a van unusable. The trick will be hit with a weapon imbued with fire, because after the coup and subsequent burns will die within a few seconds and we counted as "death with one blow." After that return to base camp, travel to other side and back, generating all the enemies again. We return to this area, kill the same way, repeating the process three more times. You'll never proved so difficult?

Note: on PS3 every one of these trophies will bring us a bronze.

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