'Dead Island', All You Need To Know

'Dead Island' has for many years in development, but has managed to interest people exponentially with its famous trailer, we saw that in the slow motion and backward as a child had fallen from a high floor of a hotel infested by zombies and the few survivors trying to survive, seasoning all with quiet music in contrast to all this agonizing situation. An impeccable job, in short, has many generate renewed interest in this work Techland.

'Dead Island' has planned his departure in our country next September 9 in PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, and that is why, in the absence of a couple of months to put it on sale, we dedicate our section "All you need to know" to collect all the information you know about it so far, and in order to upgrade in the future as new data arrive.

Struggling to survive on an island infested with zombies

No one knows exactly what caused the outbreak of infection (that we will investigate when the game is released to light), but the rate at which it has spread has left the tropical island with few survivors wandering Banoi for it. Some have become stronger in several settlements, but not until we either alone, or accompanied by three fellow humans, we can break all the evil that plagues this paradise now stained red.

Although there will be very clear that entry. This is not a party. He who sees in 'Dead Island' a game where zombies and company (because there are other more powerful mutant) are a mere formality, it is very wrong. 'Dead Island' is not 'Dead Rising' life . At the Capcom franchise we could have fun with the undead, and not posed a big problem, but in this work Techland until a simple zombie we can ruin lives , and never better. We feel helpless.

However, it does has certain similarities with the aforementioned series. Here all the weapons have a level of stamina (and with different characteristics, obviously), getting to deteriorate over time to the point of being completely useless. Luckily we can fix them. Not only that, but we can update or customize by combining different weapons to create a more powerful. All this from any shop of the many that we will find the island. It looks like this:

But even if these guns will continue to facilitate survival without a breeze. After all, to make us feel more vulnerable, we will have a lower bar resistance as hit with any weapon or when running. It will not do either attack or flee like crazy nonsense. Anyway, sometimes if we catch a zombie will have a QTE (Quick-Time Event) to break out of them. But we better not risk and monitor where we stand to avoid unnecessary shocks. Better to eliminate from a distance (we throw our weapons and pick it up again), especially if we see something prone to explode. This will kill more than two birds with one stone.

Dead Island - development sandbox with zombies through

In 'Dead Island' can wander almost complete freedom throughout the tropical island of Banoi. Throughout the adventure we will meet various NPCs (NPCs) that will give us missions that make money and experience. In each tell us, moreover, its level of difficulty, if we do not feel fully prepared to face it. We have several missions active at all times we can see information about them, seeing where we go to meet them. Also, for certain NPCs can trade, so all we can always sell it on or get new weapons for us to make it easier to tackle a mission. And yes, although few, there will be guns.

Although entry may seem a tropical island cannot offer much variety of sites, it is not. Without going further into one of the latest videos we saw the game in question saw a paradisiacal area, and an entirely urban. A contrast that also affect us. For example, in an urban area will have more vehicles on to climb to eliminate the zombies from above, and with little risk of injury.

'Dead Island' is a sandbox, yes, but also has small touches of RPG , the evolution of our characters for the three possible branches of each, with passive and active skills that will make us a little easier to survive. Also the enemies also have different levels, having significant differences between a zombie level 6 on a level 20, for example. If you are level 10, best deal we forget that last. Similarly, other features typical of the genre will also be present here, as the theme of the critics. The time I tried the 'Dead Island' actually scrapped a zombie special one touch in the back thanks to a very critical, very lucky. Although obviously also affects the gun here. Not all are as likely critical character can also improve their own passive ability to increase that probability, and so on.

The tropical island of Banoi is great, but 'Dead Island' will have a detailed map to avoid getting lost and always see the sights. Also we will travel quickly, what 'Fallout' , for the safe zones that we have discovered, and if not we'll always have at our disposal the odd vehicle that go from side to side in a way also safe and can run over zombies of at medium, which always motivates.

As for the players, there will be four, and each will have special skills, identifying in some way with the typical kinds of RPG. So we have to Xian Mei , rather shower with the handling of weapons lightweight, Logan , former football star, Sam B , rapper of the moment with great resistance, and Purna , a character who has not yet been presented officially and not much is known.

Dead Island trailer and Cannes award

And we see it was hype as possible, especially considering that we had a considerable time without knowing of this creation of Techland. This video regained our confidence and we saw about the arrival of 'Dead Island' . Today we can say that less than two months remaining to get their hands on the final version.

Covers for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 Dead Island

Contents of the limited edition of Dead Island

• Special Box
• Dead strap with registration Island
• Bracelet
• Lanyard
• Postcards
• Additional Content

Long gameplay video from Dead Island

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