'Dota 2': The Public Beta is Coming Earlier Than Expected

Good news for which those who are eagerly waiting for 'Dota 2'. Valve just announced today, on the official blog of the game, they forward the start of the beta of the game sooner than expected and that it is likely that by 2012 we can access the public beta.

The advancement of the dates is caused by the good reception closed players are providing 'Dota 2'. The original plan of Valve was not to open the game until not reached the number of Heroes 'Dota', but have found it worthless:

"The response that we see is that people want to play it, even if there many heroes that we have yet to implement." In addition, we have seen that players are already in the beta are doing everything we can to teach others his games. "So we believe that our original plan was stupid"

So the current version of the game's development is that Valve use for public testing. Currently, there are no secure dates, but the developers insist that once they end up a couple of more arenas, may throw open the game, that you will be adding characters and updates.

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