'Dark Souls': New Trailer To Remind Us Of How Difficult It Is.

'Dark Souls' has been already a few days on sale, but Namco Bandai has decided not to stop the publicity machine, and a result of this here we have a new trailer for this powerful RPG for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The name of this video is 'Hardcore', so you can get to the idea of their intentions.

Its creators have always stated the goal of making a truly difficult title, even more than his predecessor, something which today does not carry much in the world of video games. In times where more and more we are accustomed to it to give us everything anorexiant and with a bow, 'Dark Souls' is intended to be a call to our more challenging side, which is not afraid to face any problem.

The question now is: are you prepared to meet the challenge? Because you do not have to go to your favorite trade and purchase a copy of the title developed by From Software, if it is to not have done. With trailers as spectacular as this, it is difficult to resist the temptation.

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