Dead Island: Five Mistakes That Destroy The Fame (and Even Make You Laugh)

It goes without saying that 'Dead Island' seems to me one of the games more fun this year, who knows how to exploit its full zombie island offering a festival of cuts, group, mass mutilations attacks and blood-smelling dead. But that doesn't mean to make it a product terribly badly completed and done in patchwork.

In addition to famous bugs able to destroy your life as a player (as requiring you to restart the game when it was already quite advanced; terrible for a game as well), in 'Dead Island' have a few wrong decisions and misconceptions that are really fun and serve to increase the feeling that, although Techland have done wrong that does not kill the fun of Z series who wanted to offer.

The type of kicks that not tired

'Dead Island' there is something essential to the narrative of the game: the concept of exhaustion of the character. It is supposed to be him who should mark the moments of tension, the places that, overwhelmed by the zombie Pack, the player must try to keep calm, disarmed and exhausted by the melee.

But there is a problem: that one can spend the entire game giving kicks while it descends even once the fatigue bar. Try to do it at home: If you are able to provide more than 20 kicks followed by air without tiring you, I leave my phone to be waiting for the world Z Guerra.

'Dead Island' and the incredible shrinking man

The technical problem which more is repeated in the game, small but very annoying, perhaps of how coup distances change at whim of 'Dead Island'. The protagonist, and gives the same what choice because it is equal in all, seems to suffer from a strange mutation: the same kick serves to tear down a zombie away from the melee to not to beat him you that already you smell you the breath fresh brain.

But it is not only the length of the leg: also with the arm is difficult to guess the distance of hit when there are no clear rules and the same knife is sometimes Swiss army knife and other woodsman axe.

The clone porn Convention

In one of those details of homage to horror movies cheap that is born, 'Dead Island' placed in a cabin the recording of a porn film of low-budget, obviously, it is not over well. However, it seems virtually all the female inhabitants of the area of the hotel, the first of the game, pertaining to the filming of that movie: all in bikinis tiny, with porn and cloned face measures.

It is obvious that it is an aesthetic decision of the game, which some considered disastrous or not, but it makes it clear that it was necessary to save on design of the characters that populate the island and decision was to always use the same model. This gives rise to a hilarious atmosphere that accentuates even more the tone trash of the game.

Red Bull gives you alas… But not calm the thirst

If you read 'Great overproduction' of Superlópez (and if you have not done so, I do not know what expect to read that stage of Jan), know that the most repeated phrase in the comic is "what is a script girl?". Something they must think the creators of 'Dead Island', which has some tremendous continuity errors throughout the entire development of the game.

One of those who are repeated is the subject of drinks and meals: there are many side the island residents who claim to be dead of hunger or thirst. And, ok, that would be understandable: after all a legion of dead wanders the island with bad grapes, so go for food is an Odyssey.

But 'Dead Island', in a Pirouette worthy of the best comedy of zombies (AKA 'Shaun of The Dead'), offers to us, in the same rooms in which others are dying of hunger, bars cravings and cans of energy drink to galore!

Banoi, where tied the zombies with sausages

Not only the beverage cans regenerate to quench the thirst of 300 infected Islands, but that whole Banoi is a tax haven in which no one gets your money to the Bank. The concept that the dead loose money once you those loads works very well in the area of the hotel (at the end and all, is a region of paradise Deluxe), but has an absolutely great time when we went to look for the Banoi tribe to the interior of the island.

To foster among them the insulation with the world and having not ever came from the jungle, the Indians are absolutely rotten money (and never better).

There are many smaller details involuntarily comedians 'Dead Island', and that you choose the character you choose the inhabitants of the island always you speak as if you were a man, that you start solo and suddenly you realize that carry throughout the game with three companions (which do not help unless you are in multiplayer mode)...

These are bugs and failures of conception of the game that are fun. Others, like you stuck in an area where the landscapes begin to disappear and there is no possible solution (for example, in the jungle, the starry plane), are not nor much less fun. But the game is: do not need to be perfect to get what you are proposing.


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