'Diablo III' And Its Complete Collector's Edition: It Also Debuts New Video And The Bombing of a Special Offer

Still face a long-awaited game as 'Diablo III' was almost an obligation that Blizzard him accompany it of its corresponding collector's Edition. Something that has shown makes little since the BlizzCon, flavored, now I spend with a new kinematics in video and a special offer for the return of our favorite Diablo. The latter is nothing more and nothing less than to give us 'Diablo III' if we pay the annual pass for the 'Wow'. There, a big way. And also getting the skilled from Tyrael (exclusive mount) and guaranteed access to the beta of the upcoming expansion for this MMORPG.

And what about the cinematic video? That is a stunning visual quality, worthy of the best films of animation. Something that Blizzard has us very accustomed. That little would be if the game is not then the height, but we know that it won't happen. Not in vain 'Diablo III' is the most anticipated 2012, and now that Blizzard has unveiled its collector's Edition we have no other choice but to start saving. What? That does not have the second chapter together with their expansion? Nothing happens, because it will come from series in this edition.

'Diablo III' collector's Edition

* Diablo III for Mac and PC in DVD
* Devil skull and stone of soul USB 4 GB
* The Flash drive contains 'Diablo II' and ' Diablo II: Lord of Destruction'
* Aesthetic artifacts from 'Diablo III': bright Angelic Wings, exclusive banners, bottled cloud or smoke filling
* Mascot of 'Wow': fetish shaman
* Portraits for 'StarCraft II'
* Blu-Ray/DVD "behind the scenes"
* 208 pages of illustrations of the game
* 'Diablo III' 24 themed original soundtrack

Price not known anything yet, but I think that few fans of 'Diablo' will stick to do with this complete Edition. Am I wrong? That addition we I carry the second chapter with its expansion, so we alright two birds with one stone. Very of the pleasure of the Lord of evil.

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