' Kaio: King of Pirates', What's New From Keiji Inafune for 3DS

After leaving Capcom by the back door after twenty-three years of service, Keiji Inafune has been forced to redirect their professional lives. To this end, the father of the 'Mega' saga has presented his new work, entitled ' Kaio: King of Pirates'. It's an action RPG for the Nintendo 3DS, which is being developed by Intercept with the help of Marvelous AQL.

Aesthetics and the theme of the title have a clear child vocation, but Inafune trusts that adults can also enjoy the adventures of Kaio, a pirate Penguin wrapped in large battles in the middle of the ocean. Up to three hundred different characters have been designed for the game, and many of them marching in the first trailer that you can find below.

In principle, the objective is that ' Kaio: King of Pirates' to become a trilogy, something that will succeed if the thing works properly in sales. Since then a role-playing title does not seem to go crazy, but bearing in mind the reputed director behind him, so to get something nice. Here you have a gallery with a number of images that have already been published.

Photo Gallery

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